Jute Yarn & Twine

We are one of the leading suppliers of jute yarn and jute twine in international market. Jute Twine is tough thread twisted of two or more smaller strands of yarn. We can provide our customers in different thickness and sizes of Twine. We can also supply heavy duty Jute Twine could be ideal for gardening, Binding goods, Industrial packaging andall qualities including CRX, CRT, CRP, CRM, CB, Hessian and other fine yarn ranging from 4.8 lbs to 96 lbs and along with other product such as fancy bags, shopping bags, upholstery, curtain cloth, etc. We supply the finest quality of jute yarn in single and double ply, CB, CRM, CRT grade ranging from 4 lbs to 72 lbs wounded in cylindrical, conical, cone less spools or in hanks as per requirements and packed in Truss, Pallet and Bales. Jute yarn is available from 4 lbs to 72 lbs of single and multiple count of CRX, CRT, CRP, CRM, CB, Hessian and also sacking quality. Our yarns have the durability, are eco-friendly, have high tensile strength and above all cost effective. 

Weight available: 06 lbs, 08 lbs, 09 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs, 13 lbs, 14 lbs, 16 lbs, 18 lbs, 20 lbs, 22 lbs,24lbs, 28lbs, 36lbs etc.

Packing: 6 / 8 spools in one truss, weight / spool: 2kg  3 kg and weight / truss, 10 kg  18 kg. 1 x 20ft FCL = 15 M.T. (any quality)

Our offered Jute Yarn has the following features:

Eco friendly
High quality
Regular fiber
Strong weaving

Count: 6lbs – 48lbs
Heavier Counts: 80lbs – 150lbs Ply: 1 to 5 ply 

Quality: Sacking, Hessian, CB, CRM, CRT, CRX, CRP
Packing: Pallet, Truss, Carton & Coil, Wooden/Plastic/Paper Tubes (Conical Spools) or in Hanks Winding: Precision & Mackroll.

Presentation: On spools ranging from about 100 gms, upto “Jumbo” spools of about 25 kgs 

Container Load ability: 

20 ft Container: 15 ton in Truss, 13 ton in Pallets 

40 ft Container: 30 ton in Turss, 26 ton in Pallets

Uses: Used in stitching & weaving of various sacking/hessian cloth/bags.
Also predominantly used in carpet industry as well as cable, explosives, footwear industry, as rope in shipping industry. 

Exported to: Turkey, China, India, Indonesia, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Australia, Austria & Africa.