Jute Soil Saver

We do export jute soil saver which is used to protect soil against rough weather. It protects soil from severe damage.

Jute soil saver is a natural solution of arresting soil erosion and proves highly effective in improving soil quality.

Jute soil savers solves many geotechnical problems and it is gaining popularity day by day.

Due to biodegradable features, these textile is superior compared to synthetic substitutes as it is decomposing completely in the soil and improving organic nutrients of soil.

Further the unique meshed uconstruction and water absorption capacity provides natural settings for plants to grow, which in turn leads to soil stability.

Recently, the application of jute soil saver is gaining popularity in the constructions and improvements of highway, railway and housing.

This fabric has also proved to be successful in arresting soil erosion on the road slopes, hill tracks, river banks etc.

These fabric can be custom tailored on the basis of weight and width.

It is also possible to blend jute soil saver with synthetic substitutes.