Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap

Hessian (or Burlap) is a plain woven jute fabric, which is a higher grade than the Sacking cloth. A large variety of special Hessian are manufactured by our Jute textile. Premchand Jute is the pioneer in manufacturing Hessian cloth / bag in the industry.
Width: 20 inches (about 50 cms) up to 46 inches (about 115 cms)
Weight: 5 – 14 oz./sq.yd
Minimum Quantity: 1×20 feet container (capacity depends upon requested specification)
Packing: 100 yards – 2000 yards / bale (pressed and iron bound bales or on rolls)
Container Loadability: 20 ft Container: 18 to 20 Mton 40 ft Container: 26 to 28 Mton
Uses: Packing /wrapping material for agricultural products (eg. wool, cotton), used in the tobacco industry for export packing of leaf tobacco bales, upholstery industry, nurseries, horticulture & forestry industry for wrapping of tree roots during transport and transplantation.

Hessian clothes are extensively used for various purposes, ranging from commodities packaging to home decoration.

Due to the natural biodegradable feature end users prefer to use hessian clothes rather than synthetic substitutes.

Hessian clothes are finer in quality and lighter in weight compared to the sacking clothes.

These clothes are quite popular in packaging for cotton, wool and tobacco.

We can provide hessian clothes of various width and weight based on buyers specifications.