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M. R. International is one of the pioneers in the field of jute products export in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2009, the company has developed strong relationships with a large number of buyers around the world. Our expertise at the stages from manufacturing level to strict quality control & buyer requirement management makes us one of the leading Jute Goods Exporter from Bangladesh.


Over the years, M. R. International has developed its knowledge base on Traditional Jute Goods, and Diversified Jute Products.

Our talented and experienced manufacturing, research, and marketing crew are able to provide you the best quality in the world in the right time.

Our goal is to achieve your satisfaction through product merchandising at the highest level. We promise to give you all the supports with competitive price, product quality and in time shipment guarantee. We are one of the main exporters of jute yarn and jute made product items.

We are exporter of quality Jute Yarn, Jute Twine and Jute Bags worldwide. Our jute yarn is usually utilised for weaving and sewing of jute carpets, jute covers and jute sacks.

Our supplied jute yarn is exceedingly enjoyed by the customers because of the ideal sewing and simple winding. According to the steadily advancing requirements of the customers, we offer this yarn in a few determinations to look over and at ostensible outflow.

As we have a compliance factory manufacturing and supplying from small merchandise ranges to small retailers to a large hyper-marts and engaged in procurement in favour of foreign buyers.

Our customers are situated in South America, Europe and Asia. We have built long lasting partnerships with each of our customers, buyers, importers and wholesalers through service and consistent quality assurance like flexible production, total quality management, quick turnaround & on-time delivery.

Quality is one of our most important objectives. We strive to deliver our products not only in a timely manner but also with the highest quality possible. Our consistent upgrades and improvements with the changing times ensure that our products exceed customer expectations every time. Our skilled workforce has been trained thoroughly to ensure quality is achieved for every order. We are engaged to maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities. We strive to serve our valued buyers by working with the best manufacturers of the industry who are able to offer the best prices in the market.

Our mission is to earn a fair profit through incessant customer satisfaction. We offer fast and reliable delivery, excellent quality control and flexible manufacturing and production options. We can offer you very competitive price and hope you will be satisfied with our international selection standard and services. If you have any requirement for any types of specific jute products, please let us know in detail to enable us to offer you our best prices accordingly.


Jute Yarn & Twine

August 19, 2018

We are one of the leading suppliers of jute yarn and jute twine in international market. Jute Twine is tough…

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Jute Coloured Yarn

Backed by a rich industry experience of this domain, we hold immense expertise in manufacturing and supplying of a qualitative…

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Jute Rope

We do export a huge quantity jute ropes. These jute ropes are mostly used in binding and final packaging for…

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Jute Sacking Bags

June 24, 2018

Woven wholly from jute, sacking bags are heavier in weights and have a coarse texture as the fabric is made…

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Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap

Hessian (or Burlap) is a plain woven jute fabric, which is a higher grade than the Sacking cloth. A large…

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Jute Coloured Fabrics

Classic jute hessian clothes are available in a range of seventeen colours. The hessian is constructed in the same way…

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Jute Shopping Bags

All natural jute, the world renowned “Golden Fiber”, is a highly durable and moisture resistant material with impressive tensile strength….

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Jute Wine Bags

We produce jute wine bags according to our customers specified handles, designs and sizes. The biodegradable and nature gifted fibre…

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Jute Soil Saver

May 28, 2018

We do export jute soil saver which is used to protect soil against rough weather. It protects soil from severe…

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jute-wine-bags-15 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-13 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-12 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-11 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-10 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-7 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-6 Jute Wine Bags
jute-soil-saver-17 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-16 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-15 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-14 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-13 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-12 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-11 Jute Soil Saver
jute-shopping-bags-23 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-21 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-20 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-19 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-18 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-17 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-16 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-15 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-14 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-13 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-12 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-11 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-10 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-9 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-8 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-7 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-6 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-sacking-bags-18 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-17 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-15 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-14 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-13 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-12 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-11 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-10 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-9 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-8 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-7 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-6 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-23 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-22 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-20 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-19 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-18 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-17 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-16 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-15 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-14 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-13 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-11 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-10 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-9 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-8 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-7 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-6 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-coloured-fabrics-15 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-14 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-13 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-12 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-11 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-10 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-9 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-8 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-7 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-6 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-soil-saver-10 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-9 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-8 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-7 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-6 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-5 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-4 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-3 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-2 Jute Soil Saver
jute-soil-saver-1 Jute Soil Saver
jute-wine-bags-4 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-3 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-2 Jute Wine Bags
jute-wine-bags-1 Jute Wine Bags
jute-shopping-bags-5 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-shopping-bags-1 Jute Shopping Bags
jute-coloured-fabrics-5 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-4 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-3 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-2 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-coloured-fabrics-1 Jute Coloured Fabrics
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-5 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-4 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-3 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-2 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-hessian-clothes-burlap-1 Jute Hessian Clothes & Burlap
jute-sacking-bags-5 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-4 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-3 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-2 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-sacking-bags-1 Jute Sacking Bags
jute-rope-5 Jute Rope
jute-rope-4 Jute Rope
jute-rope-3 Jute Rope
jute-rope-2 Jute Rope
jute-rope-1 Jute Rope
jute-coloured-yarn-11 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-10 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-9 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-8 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-7 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-6 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-5 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-4 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-3 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-2 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-coloured-yarn-1 Jute Coloured Yarn
jute-yarn-and-twine-10 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-9 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-8 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-7 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-6 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-5 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-4 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-3 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-2 Jute Yarn & Twine
jute-yarn-and-twine-1 Jute Yarn & Twine

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